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Long-time and new REMI users will have an opportunity to present their latest research at the 2021 Annual REMI Users Conference that will take place from Wednesday, October 20th through Friday, October 22nd. Join our economists at a city near you to learn more about the REMI model.
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A local landed nobility founded on agricultural and mining possessions subsequently emerged in the Aisne valley, and the Remi elite came to be influenced by the Latin culture through contacts with Roman merchants. 21 Wine, in particular, was imported in large quantity from southern Europe by the local Remi elite before the Roman conquest.
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Remi is the best person ever and is someone you can always count on. Remi a totally awesome person. Remi is beautiful and funny. Remi is a person who is bubbily and exciting. She has alot of happy energy and tends to spread it will others around her.
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Prior to joining 3i, Rémi founded and headed a French venture capital firm in Tunisia and spent three years with McKinsey. Rémi has a degree in Accounting and Finance from the Paris Business School ESCP and an executive MBA sponsored by McKinsey.

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